Preservation of life has always been an important facet of the human condition. Society, community, laws, protocols, medicine, healthcare and the safety measures we take, all testify to the fact that we try to prolong life as much as we can. It is for this reason that we are often fascinated with people who manage to live beyond the age of 90. In the past few years, several studies of exceptional human longevity have blossomed. Japan’s Okinawa Island and their Ikigai way of life have been a key example.

What aspects go into living a long and happy life? How do they thrive? Do they remain active in old age? What do they eat? These questions drove us to explore the lives of centenarians across India and decode the secret to their long and healthy lives. The secret, was not so secret after all. When we spoke to them, they said that they never did anything extraordinary in particular. They simply followed a disciplined lifestyle which included being active, eating well and on time, quality sleep, being socially active and focusing on happiness and contentment. In fact, they said that being socially connected with friends and family was important to them. This further emphasizes that the very essence of human existence lies in being connected and coexisting in complete harmony - something which is lost in the present day.

So let’s explore India’s current health statistics through the GOQii India Fit Report 2020- India’s Ikigai: The Old Know Better but the Young Don’t Care and it is our hope that this serves as a wake-up call to everyone resting on their couch right now to get up and embrace the idea of longevity.

- Vishal Gondal

     CEO, GOQii