In the fourth year of GOQii, it gives me great pleasure to bring to you, the ‘GOQii India Fit’ Report 2018 - Trust & Challenges in the Indian Healthcare System’. Given the recent cases of alleged negligence by hospitals reported in the mainstream media, people’s fear of hospitals has only increased. At every juncture people are questioning the healthcare system; be it hospitals, doctors, insurance or pharma companies.

The healthcare system in India has consistently fallen short on all parameters particularly of equitable improvements in the health status of all citizens and mainly the poor, the quality of care provided, and social and financial risk protection given to citizens. At the core, these failures appear to be failures of governance and stewardship, and the failures of the state and professional associations to uphold their mandates.

It is in keeping with these above reasons that GOQii was prompted to come up with a study on what is it that Indians expect of the healthcare system in India. Indians are no longer silent or docile patients, but instead are now well informed consumers keen to participate in the care process and are demanding dignity and transparency from the healthcare providers. This shift will play a significant role in the evolution of healthcare system in the country.

The GOQii India Fit Report 2018, has been able to gauge the trust index of the people of India on the healthcare system. Having said this, we have not deviated from our core which is to find out how fit is India?

Today, being healthy and active has become a way of life. It’s no longer a fad to be running, cycling or exercising every day.

When a person is of good health, both mentally and physically, they are more likely to live a happier life. The key elements required for the same are- eating right, sleeping well, hydrating yourself, staying in shape and working towards achieving your health goal.

The India Fit Report 2018 captures real fitness and health insights that have been validated by our coaches. Health and wellness, which until two years ago was a relatively niche concept targeting a select few, has now gained mainstream audience. People today want to take control of how they look and feel, and this is driving them to go for fitness trackers or other kinds of health gadgets that can track their day-to-day health and fitness.

The India Fit Report 2018 has only reaffirmed our belief that an increasing number of people are getting more conscious about forming new habits and leading a healthier lifestyle. They want to also prevent illnesses. That’s not all, while on their path to a healthy lifestyle, people are also bringing about a social change by doing ‘Karma’. Now they are not just sweating for themselves but also sweating for someone else who is in need. ‘Giving’ has only proved to improve physical health and longevity.

Going forward I can assure you that GOQii as a company will be at the forefront of health and wellness, with an evolved user base that will provide momentum for growth. So let’s be the force towards this growth.

Vishal Gondal

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